Top 10 places to buy the perfect winter gifts in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the perfect city to visit during the winter months, whether you are celebrating the holidays in town, or enjoying some mulled wine in front of a hotel fireplace and hitting the slopes up on the surrounding Olympic Mountains.


After you’ve had some hot salep or Bosnian coffee and warmed yourself up with some traditional food at our aščinicas, it’s time to head out to buy some winter gifts for the special ones in your life.

Here we recommend the best spots where you can find many kinds of interesting products for this very occasion.

BH Crafts (Ćurčiluk Veliki 8)

On cold winter days we wouldn’t think of leaving a warm home without comfy woolen items, like the ones you can find at the BH Crafts shop.

In this little shop in the heart of Baščaršija you can find hand-made clothing, decorative items and toys for children, all of which are made by women from all over BiH. The aim is to promote the cultural heritage of our country while incorporating modern designs.

The items produced by this brand, which grew out of a humanitarian project, are now some of the best material “ambassadors,” fusing BiH traditions and meeting the needs of modern man.

Udružene (Obala Kulina Bana 22) 

Udružene is another brand that started as a humanitarian initiative, and it gained world-wide recognition when it was featured on the cover of the popular Vogue.

Udružene products are created by some 350 skilled knitters from all over BiH who nurture BiH handicraft traditions and create quality pieces of clothing by fusing modern design with traditional knitting, crocheting and needlework techniques and using natural materials, like organic cotton, wool, cashmere, silk and alpaca wool.

You will find clothing and accessories – sweaters, coats, robes, caps, scarves, gloves for children and adults – on their shelves, and Udružene can custom knit items according to the design and material provided by the client.

From November 18, 2019 to January 18, 2020 you can look for Udružene products at their stand in BBI Center. (Kutcha – Skenderija 15) is a retail brand that produces items made from natural materials – wool, cotton, linen and silk – by using only traditional techniques, like weaving on a wooden loom, braiding, crocheting…. affirms traditional BiH handicrafts by making clothing and decorative items that are made using eco-wool taken from sheep that roam BiH pastures.

Their products includes furniture coverings, fashion accessories, furniture, toys and souvenirs, all of which are aesthetic and functionally suitable in meeting the needs of modern life.

Bazerdžan (Ćurčiluk Veliki 12)

Founded with the aim of presenting works by “modern artisans,” local designers and artists, Bazerdžan is one of the most popular BiH concept stores and is a must-visit spot if you’d like to buy a unique souvenir or gift for those who are near and dear.

Located in Baščaršija, Bazerdžan offers products that combine new trends with authentic symbols or materials that have been a part of BiH history for centuries.

Here you will find unique products like clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories, home accessories…that are made from wood, stone, leather, canvas, metal, wool and other materials. Besides the Bazerdžan Wear clothing line, the shop offers woolen sweaters, slippers and scarves made from Bogda’s 100% Bosnian wool, as well as other interesting products made by other brands: Waga Wood, Werkstatt, Molimao, Plusminus, Ruby Red, Kohel Studio, On Design...

Plastik Fantastik (Gazi Husrev-begova 52)

A must-visit place on rainy days is the colorful, playful Plastik Fantastik shop, which offers unique waterproof coats, backpacks, bags and totes with interesting writing, prints and decorations, all of which are made from plastic, foil and impregnated canvas that are mixed with materials like tulle or lace.

This brand also offers jewelry made using Fimo polymer clay and cotton ribbons, and the positivity of their products will make you stand out from the crowd on city streets.

The Plastic Fantastik duo takes custom orders to create items in any shapes, dimensions, colors and motifs desired by the client.

Slipper making workshop – Muhamed Kalajdžisalihović (Sarači 15)

We recommend slippers by Muhamed Kalajdžisalihović for those who love to spend cold days in the warm ambience of home. The Kalajdžisalihović family has been working at this trade for nearly two centuries.

Initially, the family shop was known for the nanulas with heels and leather-soled sweater socks which were exported to Czechoslovakia, Austria and Sweden, and now the Kalajdžisalihović family are best known for their leather Aladdin slippers, which are suitable as streetwear and come in more than 50 different colors.

Here you can also find specially designed winter house slippers made from lambswool and lambskin, as well as slippers with unique stitched details made by women who live in the Sarajevo area.

Besides slippers and shoes, you can find old-fashioned wooden clogs that can be worn around the house or on the street, as well as souvenirs: leather-soled sweater socks and wooden slippers with heels.

Kutcha (Skenderija 15)

A modern shopping destination, Kutcha concept store is inspired by the warmth of home, and here you can find products by Bosnian-Herzegovinian creatives.

This concept store was started by architect Adna Ahmedić, who runs Drvoredaktura, a workshop that handles furniture restoration. Besides unique artsy items for the home, here you can also find works of art and practical items for everyday use.

Some of the perfect winter gifts that you can find at Kutcha are: pillows, slippers, throw blankets, scarves by, knitted blankets with the Kutcha insignia, and hand-made woolen backpacks, bags and floor runners by OVA.

Bee Japa (Vrbanja 1 – in SCC)

Stocked with products that protect the immune system, this treasure trove of healthy goodness offers the finest honey, honey-based products and preparations made from medicinal herbs.

Bee Japa’s diverse offering includes several product categories: honey (forest, meadow, acacia, chestnut, sage, heather, linden), honeycomb, royal jelly, propolis, honey mixes with nuts and sugar-free honey elixirs.

The shop has a modern ambience, and here you can sample different honeys, as well as order black seed oil and cream, plus soaps made from black seed oil, lavender and Moroccan clay, which will keep your body in good shape during the cold winter months.

Balkantina Gourmet Shop (Pehlivanuša 5) 

Gourmets can find the finest treats for winter home gatherings at Balkantina Gourmet Shop, which offers BiH products that are known far and wide: cheese (Livno and Kupres), truffle cheese, goat cheese, fresh truffles, prosciutto and kulen (flavored sausage), dried meat, olive oil, local varieties of pasta made with walnuts, nettle, cep (penny bun mushrooms); preserves, jams, molasses; wines and brandies.

The shop is run by Balkantina, a gastro tour agency that leads unique tours that aim to bring guests closer to Sarajevo’s gastro offering and show how locals live by exploring authentic locations and the foods that Sarajevans eat.

If you have the chance, be sure to attend the Balkantina event (December 6th), Colours and Wine. Based on the “sip and paint” concept, the art instructor will teach you how to paint in a laid-back atmosphere with friends while sampling the best BiH wines and cheeses.

Petrakija Wine & Life (Petrakijina 3)

For help in making the perfect holiday toast, visit this wine boutique in the heart of Sarajevo which offers a wide assortment of BiH wines, a few international champagne brands, liqueurs, brandies, domestic cheeses made using centuries-old recipes, the finest Belgian pralines, award-winning olive oils….

Down in their cellar, wine experts will help you choose from among 100+ different brands from approximately 15 of the best BiH wineries, and the shop often has wine tastings, offers educational programs about domestic wines and organizes relaxing tours of the wineries and wine cellars of Herzegovina.