Shopping in Sarajevo

In addition to the international brands that you can find in the shopping centers, Sarajevo offers many different products made by local producers. Stroll along the main shopping zone, from Baščaršija, and along Ferhadija and Titova Streets, all the way to Marijin Dvor and find the perfect gift for yourself or your dear ones.


Sarajevo’s most popular shopping centers are BBI Center and Sarajevo City Center. BBI Center is located in the heart of the city, where you can find many shops and plenty of selection, plus you can make a break in one of the restaurants or cafes.

Sarajevo City Center is the largest shopping complex in Sarajevo. It is located in Marijin Dvor, the part of town that is home to many state institutions and business centers. There are also two other shopping centers nearby – Alta and Importanne – with their own interesting boutiques and restaurants. East Sarajevo is home to the shopping centers Tom and Tropic.

The many open markets in town offer organic products, fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers. Be sure to pay a visit to the Markale Market in the Old Town. Some twenty meters from Markale is the City Market (Tržnica), where you can buy or sample domestic meat and dairy products. There are even a few fish markets in the vicinity that offer fresh catches from the Adriatic. In Dobrinja, there is the Bosnian Market, with its array of local foods. If you want to tray or buy some quality honey, visit Bee Japa, and for organic tea, you can search no further than Franz & Sophie.

For nice sweets, visit Melodi Cikolata 1957Dream Cookies and Svijet baklave.

Kana Healthy Market offers ayurvedic supplements, natural cosmetics, spices, teas, dried fruits, organic juices and many other products that are good for one’s health. If you need pharmacy, visit Pharmacy Importanne or Phyto Pharm Herbal Pharmacy.

If you need a new glasses or contact lenses, you can searh for them at Optica Oculto or Studio Optica Oculto.

At the Sirano and Otoka Markets, you can have a look at the clothing, shoes, jewelry and household items, all of which are reasonably priced.

If you’re on the lookout for souvenirs, don’t miss Baščaršija, which has always been the city’s center for trading and hand-made goods. You can find a large selection of fine hand-made crafts, jewelry, copper items, oriental slippers and carpets, and you can watch first-hand while the items are being made using techniques that have been passed down through the generations.

Kazandžiluk Street is full of practical and decorative engraved copper items and on Gazi Husrev Bey’s Street, better known as Goldsmith’s Street, you can find jewelry that has specific designs, such as belezuks (bracelets), as well as jewelry for any occasion made with gold, silver or precious stones. Ćurčiluk Street has hand-made carpets and traditional clothing with unique Bosnian motifs.

Be sure to look for other souvenirs, clothing, fashion accessories and items made by local designers in the following places: BH Crafts, Thara Koncept, Burtuquaali, Maksuz, Galerija Egoist, Magaza, Svjetlostkomerc Bookstores....

Sarajevo’s city squares often serve as venues for different fairs, where you can easily find hand-made items, foods and other interesting products.

If you want some guarantee that you are buying authentic Sarajevo products, then be sure to make your purchases in shops that display the seal of Original Sarajevo Quality.