Nine authentic and romantic gifts from Sarajevo

Anytime is a good time for romantic moments and to give a present to a loved one, especially if you are visiting a city that is so full of love, like Sarajevo. 

Updated: 2019/02/13

Whether it’s a holiday celebrated around the world, an important date on your calendar, or you simply want to make that special person in your life happy for no reason at all, authentic and romantic gifts are a great way to bring a smile to his or her face. We took a walk and dropped by some Sarajevo shops to see what they have to offer.      


1. Ružo Moja (My Rose) Collection – Magaza (Ćurčiluk veliki 20)

Journals, t-shirts, bags, pillows, mugs and greeting cards inscribed with romantic verses from the song, “Ruža,” by BiH’s biggest music star, Dino Merlin might make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, or any other romantic occasion. The items from this collection are available for purchase at this cult Sarajevo shop, as well as through their online shop.



2. Unique set of gold jewelry – Fahrudin Sofić Jeweler-Goldsmith & Elmir Šehić (Gazi Husrev-begova 53)

This goldsmith shop is a synonym for quality and top jewelry designs, and, when it comes to romantic gifts, we recommend the timeless gold jewelry set (which includes matching earrings, pendant and ring) that has a flower surrounded by six hearts. It is possible to buy the items individually, and if you visit this jeweler before Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive a special 10% discount.




3. Love pralines – Choco Val (Gajev trg 4)

Let your imagination run wild and have some personalized chocolate pralines made for that special someone. You can select the flavor and message, then leave the rest to the skilled hands of the Choco Val masters, who will create an unforgettable gift from the finest ingredients.



4. Whitechapel Design jewelry – Bazerdžan (Ćurčiluk veliki 12)

If your loved one is someone who prefers simplicity and elegance, the modern Whitechapel jewelry line is the ideal gift. Minimalist silver earrings go perfectly with various outfits, and while you’re at Bazerdžan, we recommend that you select a ring from the same collection to go with the earrings.



5. Numbercake – Mrvica Cafe and Bakery (Paromlinska 53H / Jelićeva 1)

It’s hard to go wrong with sweets, especially when you visit Mrvica, which is totally in the spirit of love during the month of February. This heart-shaped cake is made with crispy almond biscuits, and has white or milk chocolate icing topped with macaroons. Even those who don't have the biggest sweet tooth will be taken by this dessert. Who could resist…?



6. Map of Baščaršija on your wrist – SAMUSA Jewelry (Mudželiti veliki 7)

SAMUSA jewelry, which has pieces with traditional Bosnian-Herzegovinian motifs, not only offers a wide selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and pins, but also makes it possible for you to give a gift that reflects a part of the city and its traditions in the form of jewelry. Our choice is the bracelet that features motifs from a map of Baščaršija. This gift carries a lovely message for those who have spent their nicest moments with a loved one in Sarajevo’s old town.



7. Sarajevo Dingbats Collection – Egoist Gallery (Trgovke 21)

The colorful display at Egoist Gallery will get your attention as soon as you see it, and with so many beautiful souvenirs and handmade items, it was difficult to decide on what to recommend for this occasion. This collection was created by artist Aleksandra Nina Knežević, and the handbags, tote bags, cosmetic bags and shirts decorated with the Sarajevo Dingbats motifs are sure to make your dear one very happy.



8. Heart-shaped earrings – For Me Gallery (Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 20)

It’s always good to go with a heart-shaped gift, especially if you are trying to find this symbol in an authentic design. This is exactly the kind of earring and pendant set that’s waiting for you at For Me Gallery. Here you will also find some other uniquely designed handmade jewelry.



9. “I Love You Because…” box of chocolates – Čardakli Sweet Shop (Trg djece Sarajeva 1 - BBI Center)

If you have trouble expressing your emotions with words, try using a box of chocolates full of chocolate-filled treats from Čardakli Sweet Shop. This special “love chocolate box” is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face as they read 13 reasons why you love them. This gift also has a trace of Sarajevo, since every gift box includes a short history of the city.