Aleksandra Nina Knežević

Sarajevo is a city of contrasts!

Aleksandra Nina Knežević is a graphic designer and former president of the BiH Association of Applied Arts and Design (ULUPUBiH).


She works for the publishing house, Buybook, and has designed the Sarajevo Dingbats font and the souvenirs of the same name. She has recently promoted a coloring book that allows you get better acquainted with the cultural heritage of BiH through Bosnian carpet motifs and stećci.

This creative Sarajevan girl reveals what she finds special about her hometown.

A very special place

- Sarajevo is a very special place, and not just for the cultural diversity that it exudes. It’s also a city of contrasts, where one day you can be sitting in a cafe with Wim Wenders and another you can have a philosophical discussion with someone who has decided to spend their life on the street. You can eat a full meal for just a few KM, but then pay handsomely for a small piece of cake, yet feel fine with both, says Nina.

She loves Sarajevo because the city offers her the freedom that, as she says, she wouldn’t be able to have anywhere else, plus there’s the gorgeous nature surrounding this capital city.

She has a special connection to Sutjeska St. and the parks near Druga Gymnasium, because that’s where she grew up, and she still lives there!

Whenever she is eager to escape the commotion in town, Nina looks for some peace and quiet in the Botanical Garden at the National Museum of BiH, up on the rooftops of Sarajevo and on the hills around town.

She really enjoys walking along Radićeva St., where she often stops for a coffee at Boris Smoje Gallery or at the little cafe in the bookstore, Buybook. She is keen to visit Dva Ribara and Delikatesna Radnja and chooses Barrique, Zvono or Kino Bosna for an evening out.

As for cultural activities, she usually takes in exhibits, concerts, plays and book promotions.

The prettiest buildings

When it comes to Sarajevo’s restaurants, she would recommend Boccone, Dr. Food, Noovi, Avlija, or Dveri and Pod Lipom, where you can sample some delicious traditional BiH specialties.

When it’s time for an outing, she visits Nahorevo, Skakavac Waterfall, Čavljak, Bukovik, and sometimes she even does more challenging hikes around the mountains, Bjelašnica and Jahorina.

She would say that Vijećnica is the prettiest building in town, but she also thinks that the Austrian Embassy on Džidžikovac St. and the Konak Residence are two lovely buildings that are rather obscure and go almost unnoticed at first glance.

In closing our conversation, Nina adds that one should visit Sarajevo because of the good food, cultural diversity and for the warm and open people.