Beyonce wears Sarajevo Werkstatt jewelry in "Spirit" video

World famous singer, Beyonce, has released the video for her single, "Spirit," theme song for the Lion King, in which she and daughter Blue Ivy wear Werkstatt jewelry. The pieces were specially made for this occasion by Lejla Nuhić and Ajla Šarić.


This original brand was started in 2007 by Sarajevo graphic artist, Ajla Šarić. Two years later, she was joined by colleague Lejla Nuhić in making hand-made designer pieces out of zinc and brass.

As the brand’s name implies, Werkstatt (German = workshop) pieces are made in the designers’ creative workshop, where every piece is cut, shaped into wearable forms and engraved.

These delightful and bold rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets – whose designs take their inspiration from modern artistic forms, various materials, techniques and technologies – are engraved with expressive drawings, as well as sevdalinka verses and other popular songs.

Every step in the production process of this industrial jewelry is done by hand, making each piece unique.

You can purchase Werkstatt jewelry at Bazerdžan in Baščaršija.