Čobanija Mosque declared a National Monument of BiH

The Sarajevo mosque, Čobanija (located at the intersection of Skenderija, Čobanija and Hamdije Kreševljakovića Streets), has been made a National Monument of BiH.


The mosque was built before 1562 by Čoban Hasan Vojvoda, who had the first wooden bridge built nearby in 1557. The bridge, street, mosque, as well as the entire neighborhood on the left bank of the Miljacka River is named after him.

The spacious Čobanija Mosque has a stone minaret, and the wall contains a stone tablet that is inscribed with a poem (in Turkish) describing its renovation.

The mosque, which was fully restored by Fadil Pasha Šerifović in 1874/75, has a cemetery that is smaller than the original one, and it is believed that the grave marker beside the minaret (which has an octagonal base), with a marble enclosure and no signature, marks the grave of the benefactor Čoban Hasan.