Enes Sivac's Equilibrists to hang again over the Miljacka

Centar Municipality is organizing the installation, Equilibrists, which features three sculptures by Enes Sivac hanging over the Miljacka, near the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts and the Festina Lente Bridge.


Enes Sivac made these sculptures in 1993, during the Siege of Sarajevo, and installed them in the same place. Photos of this work of art spread around the world and appeared on the pages of major newspapers and other medias as a powerful symbol of the cultural resistance to the aggression.

Twenty-six years after they were first put up, Centar Municipality has decided to finance the restoration of the sculptures and their return to the same location as a gift to the city, its residents and EYOF guests.

The pieces will soon be illuminated, giving them a special appearance at night, and a sign will also be made with a description of the figures in several.