Look for your copy of Sarajevo Navigator

The August edition of the monthly city guide recommends the best Sarajevo events, attractions, places to go out, restaurants, activities and much, much more….  

Updated: 2019/07/31

With the city teeming with visitors this month, don’t miss the chance to take in the most visited Sarajevo attractions according to TripAdvisor.

Find out which city legends Sarajevo photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner Damir Šagolj sees as secrets worth revealing, and discover why fashion designer Emina Husedžinović-Ibrahimović considers Sarajevo a noble city….

Look for the perfect gifts and souvenirs at the Sarajevo Summer Market, and also at Royal With Cheese, which was opened by the same team behind the brand Revolt Clothing….

Enjoy gourmet specialties at the restaurant Dos Hermanos; and find respite from the summer heat at the mountain lodge Tušila on Visočica, the mountain range that serves as a natural divide between Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Be sure to attend Summer in the Park – Hastahana, a manifestation that offers activities for the entire family….

And, if you love photography and the natural beauties and attractions of Destination Sarajevo, be sure to enter the photo contest, My Sarajevo, which is being organized by our editorial team to mark the 150th edition of the monthly city guide, Sarajevo Navigator….

You can pick up your copy of the August Sarajevo Navigator at more than 400 locations throughout the destination, or you can access the digital version here.