National Monuments Bijela Tabija and Višegrad Gate recently refurbished

With the aim of preserving and promoting the architectural and cultural-historical heritage of BiH’s capital city, the City of Sarajevo has realized a renovation and conservation project for the walls of Bijela Tabija, and has overseen the installation of exterior lighting for the Višegrad Gate in Vratnik.


These architectural pearls at Sarajevo’s eastern entrance have been made a National Monument representing an entire architectural complex – the Old Town of Vratnik.

The Višegrad Gate-Tower comprises the military architecture of Vratnik and is part of the fortress for the Old Town of Vratnik, which is situated northeast of Bijela Tabija.

Once the work on Bijela Tabija has been completed, it will be open at full capacity to citizens and tourists as an attraction and gathering place.

Here we’d like to offer a reminder that JP Sarajevo, the company responsible for the upkeep of this facility, one of the most visited National Monuments of BiH, has set the working hours for visits to Bijela Tabija.

You may go inside the enclosed area of one of the five fortifications (which made up the defense structure for the Old Town of Vratnik) every day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for a special rate of 5KM.