Sarajevo has a hamam again

Having undergone complete reconstruction, Sarajevo’s oldest hamam (public bath) is officially open to the public.


Isa Bey’s Hamam enjoyed its official opening in May 2015, and since then part of it has been functioning as a hotel. Work on the actual bath section has taken somewhat longer, so as to offer guests an enjoyable experience in an authentic ambience.

There are separate time slots for men and women and those who visit the hamam’s central section can make use of the large Jacuzzi, two saunas with different temperatures, showers and the kurna, a real Turkish bath.

The hamam will be open to ladies for one part of the day and to men for the other. Times are subject to change, so you can contact the staff at the following number for more information: ++387 (0)33 570 050.

It will cost 20KM to enter the facility, but is free for hotel guests. The entry price includes basic services and every visitor will be offered a pair of wooden bath slippers (nanule) and a towel, which can be used as a wrap after undressing. It should be noted that massage, gift packets and soaps are available at an additional cost.