Ski centers around Sarajevo in 2020

The city of Sarajevo and surrounding mountains have hosted the 1984 Winter Olympic Games and ever since have become a synonym for top winter fun.


If you are an experience skier or snowboarder or are just getting to know these sports, we recommend you to visit the Olympic Mountains Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina or our youngest ski center – Ravna planina.

Near ski trails and accompanying ski infrastructure, these centers and nearby hotels offer ski schools with professional and licensed trainers and ski rent services. Also, on these locations you can enjoy other winter activities such as: Nordic skiing, tour skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, winter alpinism, snow biking, ski sled rides, etc.

Find below are general information on these ski centers located at about half an hour drive from downtown Sarajevo.


Bjelašnica Ski Center has 14km of ski trails suitable for all Alpine skiing disciplines and snowboarding.

Its infrastructure includes 3 cable cars and 5 ski-lifts leading to the top of Bjelašnica – start positions at al altitude of 2,067 m, while the finish point of the ski trail is at 1,200 m altitude.

One part of ski trails is covered by high-quality professional lighting for night skiing and the ski center also has an artificial snow making system. The ski center is run by a public company ZOI 84. 

Night skiing is usually available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 19:00h and 21:30h, followed by after ski parties in the Benetton Restaurant.

Bjelašnica is one of the most attractive destinations for tour skiing in B&H because of its glacier valleys, limestone mountain tops, large plateaus and untouched nature.


Igman is a mountain with exceptionally high ozone concentrations, so is it is a sort of an air spa that is suitable for sport crew trainings.

During the 1984 Winter Olympics, Veliko polje in Igman hosted Nordic skiing competitions. Together with Bjelašnica, it has app. 50km of ski trails for Nordic running and 160 marked trails for mountain biking.

Its Malo polje is placed in a quiet valley, thus being an ideal location for children skiing schools. It offers 5 kid ski-lifts plus a two-seat chairlifts for bigger and more experienced skiers. Malo polje’s attraction are ski jumping hills where Olympic gold in 1984 was won by Matti Nykänen and Jens Weißflog. Ski jumping hills have not been operational ever since being severely damaged by 1990s war atrocities. The same happened to the bobsled trail in Trebević, another of the Sarajevo’s Olympic mountains.

Total length of trails in Igman is 2 km, while maximum altitude is 960 m.


Jahorina Olympic Centre has 20 ski trails for Alpine skiing of different degree of slope difficulty and total length of 45km. Several ski trails have artificial snow making systems, thus facilitating ski trails maintenance and enabling longer skiing season.

Visitors can use a total of 11 skier transport means with a capacity of 17,000 skiers per hour, as well as a night skiing trail.

Hence, visitors of Jahorina, skiers and snowboarders can use a gondola lift, three six-seat chairlifts, one two-seat chairlift, one anchor ski-lift on Poljice, two ski-lifts and three skiing conveyor belts.

The youngest skiers can use two ski-play kindergartens with skiing conveyor belt, snow tubing line and many other fun activities.

A Nordic skiing center – Dvorišta is also located in Jahorina and has 10km of trails.

Ravna planina

Situated in Gornje Pale settlement, Ravna planina is the youngest ski center in the Destination Sarajevo area.

The Center offers a gondola lift covering a length of 1,400 meters leading from the base of the ski center to a vantage point and two artificial lakes.

The Center offers to its visitors 12,5km of top-standard ski trails, night skiing and snowmobiles.

Guests can use gondola lift, ski-lift with capacity of 800 skiers per hour, ski-play kindergarten and kid ski-lift, skiing school, ski rent and repair, parking, etc.

Mountain Rescue Service

If you plan to explore the mountain nature, make sure you note down the number of the Mountain Rescue Service - 062 654 456 or just 121. They can provide assistance in case you go astray by chance.

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