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  • Malo Polje is the name of the rolling plateau on Mt. Igman, about 30 kilometers from Sarajevo, that offers visitors a perfect chance to do a variety of sports and recreational activities.

    Malo Polje is home to 70 and 90-meter ski jump tracks, which were venues for the XIV Winter Olympic Games and other ski jump competitions, right up to the time of the last war.

    The tracks were badly damaged during the last war and are currently not in use, but the area at the base of the installation is perfect for football, boccia and volleyball.

    Many Sarajevans make their first attempts at skiing up on Malo Polje because it’s ideal for beginners. There are four baby ski lifts and one two-seater lift.

    Ski service and ski rentals are available and there are plenty of eateries and guest facilities where you can catch your breath and enjoy some refreshments, along with warm beverages and delicious local specialties.

    For more information:

    ZOI'84, 033 464 130, www.zoi84.ba

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