Special offer for Mastercard® credit card users

From September 30 to November 5, Mastercard®, in cooperation with the Sarajevo cable car, will be making a special offer to all Mastercard® credit card users from BiH and abroad.


During this period, those who pay for a ride on the Sarajevo cable car (any day of the week) with their Mastercard® credit card will not only take a ride up to a favorite Sarajevo excursion spot, but will also receive a free pass (which has no expiration date) to visit Sarajevo Vijećnica.

And, should you decide to visit Vijećnica before December 31, be sure to take in the permanent exhibits on the city’s history that are on display in this fascinating building, and don’t miss one of the three daily screenings of Scream For Me Sarajevo, a documentary film that follows the arrival of singer Bruce Dickinson and his band for the concert they gave in besieged Sarajevo.