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  • Bey’s Ethno Village is nestled in the thick forests of Nišićka Plateau (1,400 m) and this complex is an authentic replica of a Bosnian mountain village.

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    The clean air, beautiful scenery and countless ways to relax make this wonderful village an ideal place for a family gathering and a favorite destination among nature lovers.

    Visitors who wish to experience, even briefly, an authentic way of life for a Bosnian villager may participate in various activities, such as collecting medicinal plants and mushrooms, taking care of sheep, cutting grass, fishing, knitting, preparing pickled foods for winter….

    The evergreen forest around the village is home to many different plant and animal species.

    Whether visitors care to enjoy the delicious, traditional Bosnian cuisine, visit the nearby Bijambare Cave or spend a night in one of four uniquely decorated Bosnian-style apartments, their stay at Bey’s Ethno Village is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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