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  • Saraj Bosna is a souvenir shop where you can find just the right hand-made souvenirs that will serve as authentic gifts from Sarajevo and keepsakes for those who are near and dear.



    Upon entering the shop, you will be met by shelves stocked with tons of different souvenirs, leaving you in a dilemma as to which side to look at! Copper coffee sets, which are available in various sizes, dominate the shop's interior. You will also find grinders, hand-made pictures made out of copper and aluminum foil, copper magnets, jewelry, souvenirs with Sarajevo motifs, etc. Saraj Bosna also sells hand-made prayer beads made from semi-precious stones, and calligraphic panels can be made to order.

    This souvenir shop is located in Baščaršija, in the heart of the old part of town, on Trgovke Street. You can reach it by coming from Baščaršija Square, Sarači St. or Ćurčiluk Veliki St.

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