ZOI’84 and Jahorina Olympic Center are set to cooperate

With the aim of wanting to enrich the regional ski offering and attracting as many tourists as possible, ZOI’84 and Jahorina Olympic Center have announced that they will be working together – starting this winter ski season, it will be possible for visitors from both ski centers to visit either facility.


As it stands, a season pass purchased at ZOI’84 for Bjelašnica-Igman will be valid for any two days in the season at Jahorina Olympic Center, while a season pass from Jahorina Olympic Center will be valid for any three consecutive days at the ski area on Bjelašnica.

Upon showing their season passes, ticket holders will receive either a two- or three-day ticket for use at the other ski center.

We would like to remind you that discounts on ski passes for Bjelašnicu and Igman will be available until November 30, and you can check here for the cost of ski tickets for Jahorina.

Also, starting November 30, Jahorina Olympic Center will be that much richer for yet another tourist attraction – the Javor Partizan gondola lift. Jahorina’s ski season will get underway on December 7 with a big concert by Bryan Ferry.