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  • Grbavica Stadium is located in the neighborhood of the same name in Novo Sarajevo Municipality and is home to FC Željezničar.

    Construction of the stadium was undertaken by members of the Željezničar Workers’ Sports Association during their “radna akcija”, or work action, between 1949 and 1953. At first there was only one set of wooden bleachers (which had been moved from the April 6th Stadium in Marijin Dvor) and an athletic track was laid out around the football field.

    A thorough reconstruction was carried out from 1968 to 1976, during which time the athletic track was removed. Grbavica Stadium got a new look by following the example of football stadiums in England, with spectators sitting right alongside the field.

    Grbavica Stadium, also known by its nickname, “Dolina Ćupova”, found itself on the front lines during the last war. For this reason, a large part of it was destroyed.

    When the war ended, this sporting field was renovated and the last phase of reconstruction was completed in 2004, with the renovation of the changing rooms and the installation of seats throughout most of the stands. All of this was done so that matches may be organized in accordance with European standards.

    The stadium can now accommodate 12,000 spectators, 9,000 of whom may be seated.