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  • Park Betanija-Jezero is located all of 15 minutes from the center of town, on the sloped area below the city’s birthing center, and it’s one of Sarajevo’s largest parks.

    Back in the 1950s and ‘60s, when many Sarajevans could only dream of going to a famous ski resort, they would come to this spot for some recreation.

    Today, this green oasis, which covers seven hectares, provides visitors with many things to do.

    In addition to the walking paths, the park also has a 1,200-meter-long trim trail and bicycle path, a children’s play area with seesaws and slides, as well as benches where one can have a rest.

    Several hundred saplings have been planted, including various kinds of shrubs and medium and tall tree species (oak, hornbeam, chestnut, beech, maple, ash and linden), and enough grass has been sown to cover nearly 4,000 m2.

    These days, many visitors use this green space to do some physical activities, organize picnics and barbeques or to simply enjoy nature. 

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