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  • Sarajevski Ozren – a spacious and hilly plateau northeast of Sarajevo and only a 30-minute drive from the center of town – is an ideal destination for those who crave some fun in untouched nature.

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    Ozren is a great choice for excursion takers, recreational enthusiasts and bicyclists who would like to treat themselves to a lovely day-long tour.

    This area has long been a popular picnic spot for Sarajevans because during spring it is “covered” by a “carpet” of flowers, plus it’s full of conifers and mixed forests and there are many colorful and well-kept mountain paths suitable for hiking and mountain biking.

    Ozren’s highest peak is Bukovik (1,532 m), and Sarajevans are especially fond of the lower area around Crepoljsko Peak (1,524 m). The entire Ozren area is full of streams and sources of fresh water and is also home to the natural monument, Skakavac.

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