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  • The natural monument Skakavac takes in the area around Skakavac Waterfall, which is approximately 13 kilometers north of the center of Sarajevo.

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    The 98-meter cascade, which falls down a vertical limestone face, gives Skakavac Waterfall an impressive appearance. This is especially true in winter, when the cascade turns to ice, creating spectacular forms.

    The source of the stream that gives rise to Skakavac is only a few hundred meters from the waterfall itself, and there are picnic tables and benches in the area.

    By taking the main gravel road that leads to the picnic area, one comes to a well-marked trail that goes off to the left, and the first good view of the waterfall is just a few hundred meters away.

    Visitors who continue walking along this trail for another 20 minutes will be well rewarded for their efforts, for they will have arrived at the base of the waterfall, which offers a fantastic view of Skakavac’s cascades.

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