BH Telecom eSIM

The eSIM card, integrated with the user's device, contains all the data as the classic SIM card, but is much simpler to use.

Updated: 2023/07/05

It enables use of prepaid, postpaid or combined services of BH Telecom without a physical SIM card. With eSIM you can install and use several different mobile packages on the same device.

Users from abroad can buy eSIM card through the BH Telecom web shop, so they can use mobile services as soon as they enter BiH. eSIM card can be purchased at all sale points of BH Telecom, where they can also replace the existing SIM / USIM card for eSIM card and get all necessary information.

The eSIM service can be activated in two ways. The first is by scanning a QR code sent to your e-mail address. Your new eSIM card is then installed by scanning the QR code on the device itself, and the eSIM with the corresponding tariff package is downloaded to the device. The second way is manual activation of settings after the purchase on the device itself.

Learn more about eSIM cards on the and check eSIM service activation options for your device by calling 1444.