Welcome to Magaza - an iconic store in the heart of Sarajevo

Located in the heart of Sarajevo, in the Old Town of Baščaršija, Magaza is a must-visit destination for all fans of Dino Merlin's lyrics, as well as music, art, unique gifts and souvenirs.

Updated: 2024/06/15

Magaza continuously introduces new and unique collections inspired by Dino Merlin's body of work, and regularly updates its offer of various other artists’ CD, DVD, Blu-ray and vinyl editions.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the world of Magaza and find the perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones, as well as souvenirs that will remind you of your pleasant stay in Sarajevo.

Every product is carefully selected and lovingly created to delight anyone who steps into Magaza, leaving a lasting impression of satisfaction. Particularly popular and bestseller items are their phone cases with Dino Merlin's lyrics and signature. Besides their protective role and main functionality, they are the ideal way of carrying part of your favorite song close to your heart as well as being a source of daily motivation and inspiration. Speaking of motivation, we recommend the lyrics "Furaj mali," "Idemo dalje sve do medalje," and "Na vrhu uvijek ima mjesta ako se krene sa dna." They are also excellent gift ideas as they convey emotional messages with profound meanings.

Whether you plan your visit to Magaza or you stumble upon it by chance, you will undoubtedly see your special someone in one of the unique gifts for him and her. From jewelry engraved with lyrics such as "I ja imam tebe, ružo moja," "Uvijek si bila posebna," and more, to everyday items like T-shirts, bags, totes, notebooks or various decorative items, every detail carries a touch of artistic inspiration and love.

You can explore all the irresistible collections via their shop at www.magaza.com.ba, as they ship products worldwide, or in Dino Merlin’s words: “from Australia to America"!

Welcome to a corner of Sarajevo filled with music, emotion, and nostalgia, in a city born under a melody, forever surrounded by the sounds of prayer, greetings, and friendship.

Visit Magaza (Dino Merlin Official shop) at 20 Veliki ćurčiluk street and see for yourself whether Sarajevo still is where it once was!