is the name used by a group of Sarajevo stand-up comedians. The project came about in order to affirm this specific type of performing art, as well as to connect stand-up comedians from BiH with their fellow colleagues throughout the region.


As for the stand-up scene in Sarajevo, its “foundations were laid” by Peđa Bajović, a Sarajevan who used to “have an address in Zagreb” and “is temporarily living in his home town”, and the famous Sarajevo strip artist and stand-up comedian, Filip Andronik.

Popularization of the genre has been helped by the frequent visits made by guest comedians from the region, as well as the stand-up comedy competition, Šeret, organized by Magacin Kabare.

This contest has generated new stars for BiH’s stand-up scene: Marko Puljiz, who won the first edition of the Šeret contest; Navid Bulbulija, who performs with guitar and Jasmin Džemidžić, whose performances bear the name, “sit-down comedy”, given the fact that he is a paraplegic.

You can take in regular performances by Sarajevo’s stand-up comedians at Monument Jazz Club on Štrosmajerova St.