Sarajevo VRX Immersive Museum - Try this unique experience!

Watch a VR (Virtual reality) film about Assassination of Franz Ferdinand and beginning of World War 1 - and become a witness of this incredible event!

Updated: 2024/04/26

Travel to the year 1914. through VR (Virtual Reality) experience and be at the scene of an event that changed the world. In addition to being side by side with Franz Ferdinand and Sophie Chotek in the last moments of their lives, you will get a more detailed insight into the events and turmoil that precipitated the start of the First World War.

Through interactive storytelling and an overview of the geo-political scene of that time, you will get to know the main characters, learn more about their thoughts and emotions, and experience the key moments of that fateful day yourself. As you drive with Franz and Sophie through the streets of Sarajevo, experience the atmosphere and way of life of that time, and take the opportunity to see what Sarajevo looked like back then. Why was it in the interest of the Mlada Bosna organisation that the official visit ended tragically and how was a fatal end almost avoided?

In the space of this museum, in addition to the film, you can see a photo exhibition about the architecture of Sarajevo and the general way of life from the beginning of the 20th century.

Sarajevo VRX Immersive Museum is located at Dalmatinska Street 4 (first floor).