What to do in Sarajevo During Summer

Here we suggest some activities that can make this holiday in Sarajevo a special one, for citizens and Sarajevo visitors alike.

Updated: 2023/07/06

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1. Take a walk along Titova and Ferhadija and feel the pulse of the city. By taking an easy stroll along the main city streets, you’ll experience Sarajevo through its fusion of various architectural styles, see some of the most important sights, meet people at almost any time of day.... Pausing at one of the hospitality facilities and enjoying the view of a city resting in the Miljacka river valley will make the experience even more complete.

2. Visit the most important Sarajevo attractions. Most sights lie along the stretch of town that runs from Baščaršija to Marijin Dvor, so there’s a chance to see everything on foot. Be sure to visit Vijećnica, Baščaršija Square with Sebilj, the annexes of the Museum of Sarajevo, the National Museum, and Historical Museum…. Here you’ll also find sacred objects for the four monotheistic religions, all of which have interesting stories that are worth hearing.

3. Enjoy the traditional culinary offering of Baščaršija. We recommend that you enjoy traditional cooked meals at Hadžibajrić and ASDŽ Aščinicas; different kinds of pita (pie) at ASDŽ, Sač, Bosna and Oklagija Buregdžinicas; and ćevapi and grilled meats at Mrkva, Petica, Željo and Hodžić Ćevabdžinicas. Dveri has a diverse menu, and you should enjoy some traditional sweets at Baklava Dućan.

4. Take a ride in the cable car and enjoy a view from Mt. Trebević. In just eight minutes, a ride in the cable car will take you up to the mountain that Sarajevans call their “living room” because of its accessibility! Here you can enjoy a gorgeous view of town, the offerings at hospitality facilities, walks along forest paths, bike rides….

5. Purchase quality products by domestic creatives. Besides the artisans of Baščaršija, from whom you can buy traditional goods, Sarajevo has many shops that offer works by domestic creatives that are suitable for our times. You can find a wide range of unique clothing, fashion accessories and items for the home at: Magaza, Bazerdžan, Molimao, Bosnian Kingdom, Royal with Cheese, Kutcha….

6. Enjoy the shade of Wilson’s Promenade. This app. 2.5 km long walking avenue is lined with linden trees whose treetops create quite a shade. There is a bike trail along the promenade, as well as exercise equipment for adults, play areas for youngsters, dog parks.... The Summer on the Wilson’s Promenade event is ideal for a break with a rich offer of drinks, food and great entertainment.

7. Take a ride in a horse-drawn buggy along Velika Aleja. For more than 100 years, horse-drawn buggies have been a way to travel along Velika Aleja, which runs from the bath-spa complex in Ilidža to the most popular excursion spot in Sarajevo – Vrelo Bosne. The Aleja is about 3.5 km long and is lined with approx 3,000 chestnut and plane trees, so a ride to Vrelo Bosne is a really nice experience.

8. Experience the Olympic spirit of Sarajevo. The Olympic Museum, whose collection returned to the renovated Mandić Villa in October 2020, preserves the memory of the Sarajevo’s glory days. Besides memories of the XIV Winter Olympic Games held in Sarajevo in 1984, the Museum has exhibits related to the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) hosted by Sarajevo in 2019.