What if a partner owns more than one business or facility?

The more businesses or facilities a partner has, the more financial benefits they will receive.


With every additional business or facility that is enrolled, you will receive a 5% discount off your entry fee, with a maximum rebate of 30%, as shown on the rebate scale below.

Number of facilities Registration fee amount* (per property) Total registration fee amount*
1 300,00   300,00
2   285,00   585,00
3   270,00   855,00
4   255,00   1110,00
5   240,00   1350,00
6   225,00   1575,00
7   210,00 1785,00

*Note: Prices do not include VAT (17%).

If a partner owns more than 7 businesses or facilities, then the registration fee for every additional business or facility is 210KM (+ VAT).

A separate business or facility is considered one which can provide independent services for visitors and which can have a separate profile created in a particular category.