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  • Petrakijina St. runs east-west from the Music Academy and Pehlivanuša St. until it reaches the top of the Niže Banje steps, where it turns to run north until Mehmed-Paše Sokolovića St.

    It was first laid out in 1903-1904, during the AustroHungarian period, when important architectural works were being built here, including villas belonging to Nikola Mandić, Heinrich Raither, Hermina Radisch and Forstrath Miklau.

    In 1904, it was called Petrakijina, after Petar “Petrakija” Petrović, an Albanian merchant who was vice mayor of Sarajevo at the time.

    It was named after Nikola Tesla on June 8, 1948, and the original name was restored on August 24, 1993.

    Karlo Paržik designed Villa Mandić for attorney and politician Nikola Mandić. In 1984, the villa housed the Olympic Museum, which was moved to Zetra after being shelled in 1992.

    All of the Austro-Hungarian villas on Petrakijina Street were made a collective National Monument of BiH in 2009.

    Villa Mandić is currently being renovated, and the Olympic Museum should be restored by the end of 2019