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  • As a public institution, the mission of the Sarajevo Center for Culture and Youth of Center Sarajevo Municipality is to contribute to the development of social life in Sarajevo by exerting influence on activities that pertain to culture, the arts and education.

    It was founded in 1965 by Centar Municipality and, up until 1992, it coordinated the work of 13 different houses of culture in two Sarajevo municipalities, Centar and Stari Grad. The institution’s head office is located on Jelićeva St. and it oversees the work of the House of Culture (at the same address), as well as the Center for Youth in the neighborhood, Gorica.

    The House of Culture was renovated in 2010 and it has a large auditorium that can seat 200, as well as a few other smaller halls.

    This facility serves as a venue for several other groups that are active within the fields of music, the fine arts and performing arts, literature….

    The Center for Culture has realized several important annual projects at the House of Culture on Jelićeva St., such as the “Hajde Svijete Budi Dijete” Children’s Festival, the “Smijeh Je Lijek” Comedy Festival, the BiH Guitar Festival for young guitarists…, as well as many plays, concerts, exhibits, promotions, etc.

    The Sarajevo Center for Culture has received numerous awards and honors, the most significant of which are the City of Sarajevo Award and the UNICEF Prize, for its work with children.

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