Žana Novaković

A city of diversity and beauty!

Žana Novaković, BiH’s best skier shared some impressions of her hometown with us.


As a sportswoman, she is most impressed with the fact that Sarajevo hosted the XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984 and that even today it offers many ski facilities for both amateur and professional skiers.

“The fact that National Geographic has included Sarajevo on its list of 20 cities to visit in 2014 says enough about how interesting Sarajevo is as a destination,” says Žana.

Her favorite building in town is the Zetra Olympic Hall, where she is always glad to return and which inspires her to strive for even better results!

Although her life is connected to the mountains, Žana also appreciates the nature around Jezero, the neighborhood where she was born and raised and which she still has many fond memories of.

When she decides to go for a hike she chooses the Vrelo Bosne, as well as Trebević, where she can enjoy the best view of town. Although Žana loves Sarajevo most when it is covered with snow, she thinks that spring also suits the city rather well.

She usually drinks coffee at Torte i To at BBI Center and enjoys relaxing walks through the center of town and along Titova Street.

Instead of a typical night out, she prefers to go to the cinema or to a concert, and she most often follows sporting events that relate to skiing.

She enjoys specialties at Toplik, a fish restaurant in East Sarajevo, and she eats her ćevapi at Željo.

Her favorite place to relax and escape from the bustle of the city is Franz & Sophie teahouse, which offers a great variety of teas and, as she puts it, is a true oasis of peace, so she is always glad to visit.

As for some advice on what to do during a one-day visit to Sarajevo, she would suggest Baščaršija and Vijećnica, which she considers one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It’s a must to eat some ćevapi, then to take a stroll along the Miljacka River. To suggests finishing the day by making a visit to Vrelo Bosne.

“One should visit Sarajevo for its beautiful nature and for its dear and kind people,” says Žana. She adds that one is bound to take away many wonderful impressions.

In closing, we asked Žana to describe Sarajevo in one sentence, and she replied with the following:

-  This is a city of diversity and beauty, and it’s very easy to love it!