Nedžad Mulaomerović

A city where diversities harmoniously intertwine!

Nedžad Mulaomerović is a young architect and one of the designers involved in the reconstruction project for Sarajevo Vijećnica (City Hall). He also plays drums in the Sarajevo band, Skroz, and is a member of Dvadesetorica, the world’s largest boy band.


- Sarajevo is interesting because of its specific geographical location, history and myriad of diversities, all within a small area, which harmoniously intertwine, says Nedžad. He adds that Baščaršija is one part of town that has had made a special impression on his life, and that he really got to know and feel Baščaršija while working on the Vijećnica reconstruction project.

He says that he used to see Baščaršija as simply a part of town where one could eat well and nothing more than that. However, after spending three years in Vijećnica, he came to know the true values of Baščaršija – the people and customs – which make this part of town special.

Nedžad was born in Gorica and has been living in Koševo for 32 years now. This is the part of town that stretches along Koševo Creek and the “urban green zone”, which runs from the Miljacka River to Koševo Football Stadium. There’s plenty of greenery plus landscaped parks, making it a virtual oasis in the center of the city.

His favorite walking route goes along the streets Branilaca Sarajeva and Zelenih Beretki, from the National Theater to Hotel Europe, and then on to Kundurdžiluk Street all the way to Vijećnica. When he finds time for an outing, Nedžad chooses Eco Futura on Hreša and the mountains, Bjelašnica and Jahorina.

He usually drinks his daily coffee at Delikatesna Radnja or Promenada, and in the evening he goes to the club,, and the restaurants, Barhana and Začin. The reason, he says, is that he can always meet someone he knows at these places.

As for cultural activities, he enjoys concerts, performances and exhibitions, and when he gets hungry he goes to Kibe, Sushi San, Nanina Kuhinja, Noovi and Pod Lipom. He eats ćevapi at Petica, and would recommend the Bosnian specialties, klepe and pače.

In his opinion, Vijećnica and the Academy of Fine Arts are the most beautiful buildings in Sarajevo, plus there’s the modern bridge, Festina Lente. He finds the best view of town to be from the plateau in front of the former Jajce Military Barracks.

He believes that reasons to visit Sarajevo include its important historical events, different cultures, Olympic spirit, as well as the fact that the people here are hospitable and friendly and the food is both inexpensive and of good quality.

He recommends that Sarajevo visitors not leave without a souvenir, especially the hand-made copper goods which can be purchased in Baščaršija.