Ines Tanović

A community spirit can be felt in Sarajevo!

Director and scenarist, Ines Tanović, who also serves as President of the BiH Association of Film Workers, has written screenplays for several short films and the omnibus, Neke Druge Priče (Some Other Stories). Her first full-length film, Naša Svakodnevna Priča (Our Everyday Story), will premiere at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF).


This “Sarajka” agreed to share some impressions of her hometown with us.

She believes that what makes Sarajevo so specific is its unique and inimitable spirit. She also says that, despite the frequent conflicts that have occurred in this region throughout history, there’s still a community spirit that can be felt in Sarajevo.

She shares the fact that her life has been connected to the mahala on Logavina St., where she has lived for 50 years, and to Sarajevo’s old Čaršija, especially the narrow strip between Sebilj and Slatko Ćoše. She adds that she loves Sarajevo for its beauty and the quality of life that this city offers, as well as for the immediacy and spontaneity of the people.

When she sets out for a walk, her favorite route runs from Slatko Ćoše to Marijin Dvor and she loves going for a stroll with her dog along Wilson’s Promenade. Mt. Igman is her choice for excursions outside of the city, where she can enjoy some beautiful nature with her friends and their dogs.

Ines usually drinks her daily coffee at Boris Smoje Gallery and often visits a few of the cafes along Ferhadija St.

Since her evenings out generally revolve around cultural events, she says that her favorite time is when the SFF is going on. As for cultural events, Ines would recommend a visit to the MESS theater festival, as well as Sarajevo Jazz Fest.

When it comes to food, she would have to say that she’s fondest of Petica’s ćevapi and she’s always keen to visit the restaurants, Tavola, Sedef and Sushi San. As for fast food, she chooses wok specialties from Snoga and doner kebab from Pirpa.

She sees BiH food as an ideal combination of Mediterranean and Oriental cuisines and adds that the local food is both healthy and delicious.

For Ines, the most beautiful buildings in Sarajevo are the Academy of Fine Arts, which used to be an Evangelical church, and Svrzo House.

She says that one can enjoy a fascinating view of Sarajevo from any point above the city and her favorite panorama is the one at the top of Alifakovac.

She would be sure to take a first-time visitor to Baščaršija, Velika Aleja in Ilidža, to the city museums and Svrzo House, up to Žuta Tabija and for a walk around the nearby mountains.

In closing, we asked Ines to describe our city in sentence and she offered the following:
- Sarajevo is home.