Coffee With ...

Alma Ferović

Alma Ferović is an artists who currently lives between Sarajevo and London, and she grew up in Marijin Dvor part of Sarajevo.


When we asked what is her favorite part of Sarajevo, Alma replied that she frequents Vrelo Bosne:

- Vrelo Bosne is the place where I find my spiritual serenity and where I really love to go, especially in the summer. Sitting on the bench, watching the beautiful water, swans and ducks, simply rest my mind - Alma said and added that since life is so stressful nowadays, everyone should have a peaceful oasis of their own.

We were then wandering which places and spots marked her early youth, and where she liked to go out?

- I started going out during the war, and all the places that I've heard so much about like BB and Piramida no longer existed. But there were some new places, such as the Academy of Performing Arts, where like to go even today. Concerts of bands such as 'Sikter', 'Lezi majmune', SCH and 'Moron Brothers' were held there on a regular basis, and I still fond memories of each one.

Today, for nighttime outings, and when in town, Alma frequents 'Avlija', 'Barhana', 'Pivnica Sarajevo' (formerly Internet), and especially 'Hacienda' and 'Baghdad'. As far as the daytime scene goes, she singled out Cafe Michelle, especially during summer when Ferhadija Street gets filled with people strolling by.

In answering a question related to restaurants, we find out that even though Alma is not a gourmand she added:

- I do have to mention that the best pizza in town is served at 'Barhana', while 'Tavola' restaurant has excellent Bey soup…and I would recommend the menu of ”Mala kuhinja” as well. 

When we asked Alma about her favorite festivals in Sarajevo, she told use that all of them are very dear to her, but because of its uniqueness and the fact that it is held in the winter when everything is quiet, she had to single out ”Sarajevo Winter”.

She considers 'Avaz Twist Tower' the most beautiful and the most impressive building in Sarajevo.

- It is a skyscraper that reminds me of the West. When we talk about old architecture, I am very fond of 'Konak' since it carries the spirit of the past and reminds me of the days that are long gone. Also, I really love 'Svrzo House', which I visit frequently.

Like with our previous guests, we wanted to know which spot offers the most beautiful view of the city.

- The best view is seen from the top of the 'Avaz Twist Tower', but my favorite spot is Restaurant 'Kod Bibana', but I also have to mention the view seen from Zmajevac.

Finally, we wanted to know which places should someone, in town for only one day, visit to get to know and feel our city?

- Again, I have to say that a visitor should go to 'Svrzo House', 'Bijela Tabija', Vrelo Bosne, restaurants 'Park prinčeva' and 'Kod Bibana', Botanical Garden of the National Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art 'Ars Aevi'.