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Amar Češljar

A young, but accomplished percussionist Amar Češljar participated in the world's largest orchestra in Brieve (France) in 1997, where he performed in front of 10.000 visitors alongside 700 musicians from fifteen different countries. The event was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records, and Amar, then a nineteen-year-old, had the honor of performing as the only percussion soloist.


Amar recently started the country's first privately owned and run School of Drums and Percussions titled DrAmmarČešljar so he can pass on his art to the upcoming generations. Interestingly, you can see Amar perform in the upcoming Jazz Fest, taking place from November 2nd to 7th. His band Sarajevo Jazz Guerrilla will put on open jazz sessions each Festival night at Pivnica Sarajevo (formerly Internet) club.

Pivnica Sarajevo is Amar's favorite spot for an evening outing. In replying to the question about his favorite coffee house, Amar laughingly mentions that he has no preferences and that instead his wife makes these important decisions for him.

He is considerably more decisive when it comes to a favorite restaurant:

- First off, I have to highlight Četiri sobe gospođe Safije, a place with excellent food and a very pleasant atmosphere. Also, I have to mention restaurants Pasta Zen and Pivnica Sarajevo. When it comes to ćevabdžinice, my favorite on is Petica.

Amar's two most favorite buildings are Academy of Fine Arts, and Avaz Twist Tower, one of the most interesting new additions to Sarajevo landscape.

He singles out a stroll through Vilsonovo šetalište and a route from Dariva to Kozija ćuprija, as the two most relaxing walks one can take in Sarajevo.

- Just the other night I walked from Ilidža to Baščaršija – laughingly adding - It is a good route in the evening for someone who has the time.

When asked which spot offers the most beautiful view of Sarajevo, Amar offers two options:

- A view seen from Sedam šuma takes up the first place as it offers the widest city view, but the second one is from Barice since you can enjoy tasty uštipci along with the view.

We wanted to know what every visitor should see in order to get to know Sarajevo in just one day.

- A visitor should take a good look during the drive from the airport to Baščaršija. Then take a tour of Baščaršija - twice, and have a drink of water from Sebilj. It is without a doubt that after that, the visitor will have to stay another day. The second day should be spent visiting museums, and then going to the cave at Dariva, near a spot where Isa Bey Tekke once stood. It is the birthplace of Sarajevo.

And at the very end of our conversation, we asked Amar to describe Sarajevo in one sentence:

- Sarajevo is the most beautiful and the most interesting city on the planet.