Coffee With ...

Amar Osim and Muhamed Alaim

We met for a coffee with Amar Osim, head coach of FC Željezničar and Muhamed Alaim, the captain of FC Sarajevo team.


SN: Witch part of Sarajevo has marked your growing up?

Amar Osim: That is definitely Grbavica. 

Muhamed Alaim: Mejtaš and the school-yard of Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević elementary school. These places marked my childhood, and perhaps the best part of my life.

SN: Which season is a best fit for Sarajevo?

Amar Osim: Winter, when the first snow makes everything pure white.

Muhamed Alaim: Spring.

SN: Favorite / most beautiful buildings in Sarajevo?

Amar Osim: City Hall. Also, I must mention Konak and Svrzina kuća (Svrzo House).

Muhamed Alaim: The building in which I reside.

SN: Favorite restaurant in Sarajevo?

Amar Osim: Ćevabdžinica Željo, of course (laughs). Also, restaurant Ruža and Magarac Tavern...

Muhamed Alaim: I'm not a gourmand, but a place where I enjoy eating is restaurant Cappuccino at Grbavica.

SN: What is your favorite place for coffee?

Amar Osim: Tuborg Café at Hrasno.

Muhamed Alaim: Café Bugatti at Mejtaš.

SN: Favorite Sarajevo festival.

Amar Osim: I no longer have time to follow festivals. When I had the time, I used to frequent MESS, Sarajevo Winter and Baščaršija Nights Festival, but I do not seem to have time for anything anymore.

Muhamed Alaim: Actually, I do not like crowds. I am a family man and I like to take my wife and children and go somewhere where there are no crowds.

SN: What part of town offers the best view on Sarajevo?

Amar Osim: The best view can be seen from the new Avaz Tower. For now that is the highest point in town.

Muhamed Alaim: I have two or three places where I go and that offer a good view. I love to go to Park Prinčeva restaurant, which offers a great view, on the Nahorevska Hills from where you can see the whole city, and to Zmajevac from where you can see as far as Ilidža.

SN: A tourist has arrived to Sarajevo for only one day. What should this visitor see and where should he go to get to know the city?

Amar Osim: He should sit down and eat something at Baščaršija, and then slowly walk to the beginning of Titova street. That should be enough to see what the city is like.

Muhamed Alaim: I recommend Baščaršija where you can see old crafts, taste Bosnian cuisine, and really get to know Sarajevo.