Coffee With ...

Belma Žiško

Belma Žiško is a costume designer, who grew up in Kovači part of Sarajevo, which defined her growing years.


She is a child of ”mahala” (the quarter), she used to play on its narrow streets stealing fruits from her neighbors' backyards.

After she grew out of hanging out in neighbors' gardens, the time came for Belma's first ventures into places for grown-ups:

- By the time I started going out everyone sort of knew their place: punk kids were going to one place, rock 'n roll kids to another, and yuppies to a third place. I went out to places we referred to as 'urban guerrilla' spots, which included CDA, SOS, Kuk, Academy of Performing Arts …

Today Belma gravitates towards concerts and places with live music, such as Dom mladih,, City Pub and Podroom, and she takes her daytime coffee at Ribica.

When it comes to food and restaurants, Belma mentioned that she frequents Pasta Zen and Global Food, but also mentioned Vinoteka and Četiri sobe gospođe Safije as spots offering good food.

- I am not a gourmand nor do I like to eat out, but I have to say that Barhana offers the best pizza in town, and Tavola has a great Bey's soup. Mala Kuhinja restaurant also offers great food.

Belma was decisive when we asked about festivals and singled out Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) as her favorite, particularly because of the way the city comes to life during the nine Festival days.

- Sarajevo lives to the fullest during SFF, although I must mention Jazz Fest, MESS and Baščaršija Nights Festival because you are able to find something to your liking during each one of them, be it an exhibit, a theater play or a concert.

As far as Belma is concerned, 'Academy of Fine Arts' is Sarajevo's most beautiful building, and in replying to a question regarding the best view of the city, she says:

- Kod Bibana restaurant offers the best view of the city, particularly if the viewing is accompanied by a glass of rakija (brandy) and a plate of uštipci (fried pastries). But, the view from Zmajevac is also worth a mention.

At the end of our conversation, we asked Belma to tell us which places should someone, in town for only one day, visit to get to know and feel our city?

- 'Svrzo House' is at the top of the list since it gives you a glimpse into the traditional spirit of Sarajevo, and from there one should explore Baščaršija.