Sheikh Mohammed bin Saqr Al Qasimi

Bosnia is like an innocent girl!

Sheikh Mohammed bin Saqr Al Qasimi is a member of one of the ruling families of the U.A.E. and owner of Emirates, the company behind Sunnyland, an amusement-recreation complex on Mt. Trebević. He says that he will continue to invest in BiH, which he describes as heaven on earth.


He says that his Bosnian friend, Muhamed Granov, had been inviting him for a long time and when he first came, it was love at first sight with our city and our country.

- The goodness of the people and the beauty of this great country were reasons for my return and my decision to build Sunnyland. I love children, life, peace…and my goal is to leave something lovely to be remembered. The joy seen in children at the park makes me happier than any profit. Sometimes I take a ride on the Alpine Coaster and my heart is overjoyed.

Development of health and sport tourism

Since BiH has everything needed for the development of health and sport tourism, Sheikh Mohammed has decided to invest in this sector.

- Olympic Mountain Igman has the highest concentration of pure oxygen in Europe, ideal environmental and climatic conditions and is called a “healing center.” That is why I bought Feri Hotel on Veliko Polje, with plans to turn it into O3 Hotel and we hope to open the sports and health center, with athletic fields where clubs from all over the world can train. 

It bothers him that BiH’s tourism potential is not being fully utilized, that rivers and nature are dirty and that city facades still bear visible scars from the war.

- Bosnia is like a pure girl who is unaware of her own beauty. She will marry her own people, who must realize how precious she is and that she should be cared for.

He sees many development opportunities in Sarajevo. In the future he would like to see a clean Miljacka, with a higher water level and activities that both locals and tourists can enjoy.

- A man loves whatever he does not have. My house is near the sea, but we Arabs crave greenery, waterfalls and rivers. I think it would be nice to have paddle boats and other activities on the Miljacka and to open cafes along the river.

Kibe Mahala and Zmajevac

Sheikh Mohammed loves Bosnian ćevapi, kaymak and foods made from buckwheat and he plans to invest in a farm for hazelnuts and peanuts. He enjoys the restaurant, Kibe Mahala, and Zmajevac Cafe, which he calls one of the prettiest places in town.

Sheikh Mohammed adds that he often prays in some of the city’s mosques and goes for walks in Baščaršija, which he says are treasures of Sarajevo and BiH.

He often takes paintings and handicrafts from Čaršija back to the Emirates as gifts and whenever he leaves, he is eager to return to BiH, which he says is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where he has found peace and pleasure.