Coffee With ...

Damir Imamović

Damir Imamović is a musicians who gave a new breath of life to the traditional Bosnian song - sevdalinka, as well as settling it within the context of chamber music. 


Damir has been raised in the center of Sarajevo - in Ferhadija Street - and that part of the city has remained one of his favorites. His first night life ventures were during the war period when each part of the city had its own meeting place. In Damir's case it was on the square in front of the Youth Theater. We wanted to know where hangs out these days?

- I go out everywhere, and I don't have a special place. Lately I like to not to go out at all, but when I do, it usually involves a quick coffee or long walks. I like spending my spare time exploring various paths that Sarajevo offers. A ten-minute walk can easily take you outside of the city center and to the greener surroundings. I hike the hills and mountains around Sarajevo during spring and summer months.

We assumed that his favorite seasons in Sarajevo are spring and summer considering how he spends his time, but that assumption proved only partly true.

- Spring is definitely my favorite season. I like to spend summer months somewhere on the seacoast, although the nature of my job dictates when I will take my vacation or how long is will last. Autumn can be very beautiful as well. Basically, the transition between summer and winter are the best.

When it comes to food and restaurants, Damir mentioned that he sometimes visit Dr.Food and Del Padrino, but in general he has no special preference.

Damir was decisive when we asked about festivals and he places Jazz Fest at the top of his list.

- From a concert point of view Jazz Fest is my happening in Sarajevo. That was the festival where, for the first time, I watched Anouar Brahem, Renaud Garcia-Fons, and some other great people who were extremely important to me in a musical sense. On the other hand, Jazz Fest is a festival where all aspects are on a high level from selection, to production. After Jazz Fest I would like to mention MESS that I try to attend as much as my schedule allows me.

It was hard for Damir to single out his favorite building in Sarajevo. The very architecture and development of the city are interesting to him.

- The thing that I love about Sarajevo is ability for a person to, during a 15-minute walk, go through a really colorful ”architectural landscape” and feel the city changing from somewhat archaic, Ottoman environment, into something that reminds me of Vienna.

Eventually the city merges with somewhat ugly socialist-era architecture. I am accustomed to that mixture, and when I go somewhere abroad I actually miss it. So I don't have one special building that I like. I love Academy of Fine Arts, but, for some insane reason, I'm very fond of JAT building.

In replying to a question regarding the best view of the city, Damir singled out the one that is seen Sedrenik from where you can see Trebević and the entire city.

At the end of our conversation, we asked Damir to tell us which places should someone, in town for only one day, visit to get to know and feel our city?

- He should go to one of many restaurants on the slopes of Sarajevo from which you can see the city. I think that is the most suitable place.