Coffee With ...

Edin Zubčević

Edin Zubčević is a founder and director of Sarajevo Jazz Fest.


We asked Edin what season best fits Sarajevo?

- I never thought about it, but have to say that it is spring - Edin responded.

The first man of Jazz Fest grew up in Vratnik. He spent his childhood in mahalas locked between the White and Yellow Tabija (fortress) that continue to inspire him to the day. We wanted to know where Edin went out during his school days and if he still goes to those places?

- KUK, Kaktus and Stelex, said Edin and continued - Those were the only true clubs where you could hear interesting music. I would particularly point out KUK…And of course BB Discotheque that used to be located in the basement of the today's hotel Bosnia. Unfortunately, these places no longer exist, at least not in the form that they used to…

When we asked him about his current favorite place for evening outings, he replied that he prefers to stay at home these days, but when it comes to coffee and good food, a situation is slightly different. The first man of Jazz Fest told us that best the place for coffee is 'Kod Bibana', and that he chooses 'Dr. Food' as far as restaurants are concerned.

We touched upon the subject of festivals and periodical events in Sarajevo, and which one he deems most important one for the city. Needless to ad that we got a diplomatic answer:

- Given that I participate in the organization of some of these events, it is inappropriate to single out a single special event. 

Toward the end of our conversation we are back on the subject of Sarajevo. When it comes to architecture, Edin singled out City Hall as the most beautiful building in the city. We wanted to know which spot offers the most beautiful view of the city.

- For me, it s the view seen from a plateau of the former Jajce Barracks. That is the spot from which the German officer in the famous movie (Walter Defends Sarajevo, author's remarks) points at the city and asks: ”Sehn Sie diese Stadt?” (Do you see this city? author's remarks), and responds: ”Das ist Walter!” (This is Walter! author's remarks)

Finally, we wanted to know which places could a visitor, in town for only one day, visit to better know and feel our city?

- You can't get to know a city in one day, but I would recommend Baščaršija, City Hall, Sarajevo Tunnel. I would especially, recommend a trip to one of Sarajevo viewing spots, because - to paraphrase our famous writer Ivo Andrić

- ”From whatever side you look, you can see that it is a real city.”