Igor Kamočaji and Miroslav Živanović

Enjoy Sarajevo’s Energy!

Young Vice Mayors of Sarajevo, Igor Kamočaji and Miroslav Živanović told us their stories of Sarajevo.


Igor’s childhood is tied to Marijin Dvor, while Miroslav grew up on the border between Velešići and Koševsko Brdo, at the end of the railway line, then later in Malta. Igor’s favorite part of town lies within Municipality Centar and Miroslav loves the spot that connects Ferhadija and Sarači: “You’re standing in one spot and yet it’s like you’re in two different cities, and both have their own irresistible pull!”

Both of them love to take strolls in Sarajevo from Marijin Dvor and Obala Maka Dizdara to Baščaršija and back again. Their daily routes take them to nearby places outside of town: the Olympic Mountains, Vrelo Bosne, Skakavac, Lukomir village, Hrustemovac mountain cabin…. They often go with family and friends to discover interesting locations around Sarajevo and enjoy the rare privilege that life in Sarajevo offers – in about 15 minutes you can breathe clear mountain air.

Miroslav thinks that Sarajevo is most beautiful at the beginning and end of summer, while Igor adds: “When it is covered in snow during winter, then with blossoms in spring; when the sun shines in summer and even when autumn paints it in a thousand different hues, this city mesmerizes with its beauty.”

Igor’s day starts with coffee at Kod Pene (Club SDP), while Miroslav likes the café Dva ribara for its atmosphere, and also the café-pastry shop Torte i to in BBI Center for its great coffee. Both would recommend Mala pivnica Sarajevo as the best place to visit at night.

As for culinary treats, Igor would gladly enjoy Bosnian food in Kibe, and Miroslav favors Tavola for its superb food and pleasant atmosphere. When they have a craving for ćevapi, Igor will choose Ferhatović and Miroslav ćevabdžinica Zmaj.

Both of them agree that Vijećnica is the loveliest building in Sarajevo, for both its beauty and symbolism. As for views, Igor thinks that Zmajevac offers the best one because it reminds him of the scene from the film Walter Defends Sarajevo, and Miroslav often enjoys a panoramic view of Sarajevo from Trebević.

With a smile, Igor advises visitors to consult Sarajevo Navigator for any questions, but Miroslav suggests that they should follow the smell of good food, walk around town, talk to people and enjoy our city’s positive energy!