Selma Starfinger

Every day in Sarajevo is...perfect!

Selma Berisalić, or Selma Starfinger, as she is known in the world of fashion, is a BiH fashion designer who lives and works between Sarajevo and New York. Over her must-have coffee, this successful Sarajevo girl shared some impressions of her hometown and offered a few pieces of advice for those who visit Sarajevo.


She stresses that Sarajevo is interesting because of its rich history, with every new “government” leaving its own traces, which can be seen in the architecture, culture and traditions. She is convinced that everyone who visits Sarajevo leaves that much richer for the new, positive experience they have.

The part of town that really marked her youth was the area around First Gymnasium and the High School of Fine Arts, which she attended. She recalls how, back in those years, the square in front of the National Theater was one of the main places where young people would gather, and that’s where she spent her school holidays.

While she lives in Mojmilo, she is especially connected to Koševsko Brdo, the neighborhood where she grew up.

She relates that Sarajevo is the city where her parents and friends live, so every day spent here in this town is…perfect. Her working day starts by going to her fashion studio on Vrazova St. where, in addition to work, she enjoys visiting some of those dear to her. After finishing her obligations at work, she often goes out with friends to the restaurant, The Four Rooms of Mrs. Safija, which is her favorite place for an outing.

She is known to satisfy her hunger at restaurants, Dveri, Avlija, Kibe, Luka and at the newly-opened restaurant- pub, Das Ist Walter on Valtera Perića St. She usually eats her ćevapi at Ćevabdžinica Nune near the City Market and advises all who visit Sarajevo that, from among traditional specialties, they should definitely try pita (pie), along with ćevapi.

She rarely finds time to walk around town, but emphasizes that whenever she gets the chance, she is eager to take a trip up to Jahorina.

She finds the view of town that “stretches out” from the restaurant, Park Prinčeva, the most beautiful one and adds that she is known to take her own friends (foreigners) to the oddest places to show them her hometown, including the city cemetery, Bare, the final resting place for generations of Sarajevans.

Selma feels that Sarajevo should be visited because of the unique experience it offers, for the hospitality and temperament of its residents, and she adds that the best Sarajevo souvenir is one of the handicrafts made by the real master metalworkers on Kazandžiluk St. in Baščaršija.

In closing, we asked Selma to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and she answered, with a smile:

-    Sarajevo, my love!