Sinan Alimanović

Everyone comes back to Sarajevo!

Sinan Alimanović was in the cult Sarajevo rock band, Indexi, and founded Sarajevo Big Band. As a producer, conductor and jazz pianist, Sinan works in BHRT’s music production unit, lectures at the Sarajevo Music Academy and performs regularly with his group, International Trio.


He says that his first association with Sarajevo is Baščaršija, which he finds the most attractive part of town and where he always takes guests.

- The old part of Sarajevo and the heart of the city have the feel of a metropolis and my friends from abroad say that nowhere else do they enjoy such fine food and good company.

Most important cultural institution

Sinan says that Sarajevo’s most interesting buildings were built during the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian periods and his favorite walking route is from Baščaršija to Marijin Dvor, which is home to the National Museum, our city’s most important cultural institution.

- Those who want to get acquainted with the history of this area have to visit Sarajevo’s largest museum.

Since he regularly takes part in cultural events, Sinan recommends Kamerni Theater 55 and the Sarajevo Winter and Baščaršija Nights festivals.

- Some Baščaršija Nights events take place under an open sky, giving visitors a chance to see how beautiful Sarajevo is during the summer, and the multimedia festival, Sarajevo Winter, has been promoting top local and international artists for decades.

Sinan is always glad to have a coffee at the café-sweet shop, Gala, in Čengić Vila or at Zlatna Ribica and Vatra; and he often attends events at Atelje Figure and Mash Club.

- Atelje Figure and Mash are really trying to develop the city’s cultural scene and organize quality artistic events, and they give unestablished artists a chance, so you can meet some very interesting people at both places.

Guided by nose

Sinan is keen to go to the restaurant, The Epicentrum; he likes Šahovski Klub Bosna for its wonderful garden, nice crowd and good fish; and he enjoys eating pljeskavica at Hodžić.

- Wherever a visitor goes in Sarajevo, it will be nice. This city is known for its good food and, as you meander through Baščaršija, the smells will tell you where the good ćevapi, pljeskavica or stews are. And Baščaršija really is full of fascinating smells.

Sinan wraps up his take on Sarajevo with the following:

- Sarajevo is a city that organized one of the best Olympic Games of all times and it has been cultivating multiethnicity for centuries. People are delighted when they come to Sarajevo and they all keep coming back.