Amila Terzimehić

Expect the unexpected in Sarajevo!

A young Sarajevo actress Amila Terzimehić has the sole female role in the play, Mali mi je ovaj grob. Written by Biljana Srbljanović and directed by Dino Mustafić, this play presents Gavrilo Princip (who carried out the Sarajevo Assassination) in a different light.


Author: Sarajevo Navigator

Amila and her colleague, Ena Kurtalić, both had major roles during the opening ceremony for Sarajevo Vijećnica, and she was more than happy to share her thoughts on her hometown.

What she finds most interesting about Sarajevo is the charming atmosphere that can be felt upon entering the city, and she's convinced that the dark and rather silly humor of Sarajevans is sure to captivate visitors immediately.

She spent a good part of her childhood at the well known FIS (a center for sport and recreation), where she climbed garages, played football and took classes on rhythmic gymnastics. Amila considers the area right around BBI Center to be the prettiest part of Sarajevo and, since she lives on Radićeva Street, she appreciates how peaceful and quiet it is even though it's right in the center of town.

The main reason Amila loves Sarajevo is that one can never feel lonely here. While Sarajevo has its share of minuses, like any other city in the world, she says that it’s those very imperfections which give the city the unique charm that has made it famous.

A perfect day for Amila would be spent at Sarajevo War Theater - SARTR, where she has rehearsals during the day; then in the afternoon she can take in some interesting exhibits by BiH artists and in the evening she enjoys one of the many plays put on by the theater.

Amila is especially fond of taking walks along the Miljacka River and crossing over each of Sarajevo’s many bridges, for in such a way one is able to better “feel” the city. Her favorite panoramas of Sarajevo can be enjoyed from Bijela Tabija and the restaurant, Kod Bibana.

As for an afternoon coffee or evening out, this young actress prefers Boris Smoje Gallery and Delikatesna Radnja.

- I can always run into people I love and these are two places where you’ll always find a relaxed atmosphere and excellent service, says Amila.

When food is in question, she visits Tavola, Četiri Sobe Gospođe Safije, Avlija and, definitely, Delikatesna Radnja.

As for Sarajevo’s cultural activities, Amila enjoys the MESS Theater Festival and Sarajevo Film Festival the most and she says that the 24 hours in one day still aren’t enough to experience all that Sarajevo has to offer during these festivals.

She advises those who come to Sarajevo for the first time to lose their way in the city – by asking for directions, they’ll have a chance to get to know and experience Sarajevans, which is the most valuable experience one can take away from our city.

In closing our conversation, we asked Amila to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and she was more than ready to reply with the following:

- Expect the unexpected!