Almin Zrno

Great potential lies in Sarajevo’s diversity!

Almin Zrno is one of BiH’s top photographers, President of ULUPBiH, and author of the monograph, Vijećnica. He says that his book and Sead Sofić’s replicas of medieval Bosnian jewelry make ideal souvenirs.


He asserts that the life people of different nations and faiths have been living here for centuries created a special energy that is radiated by the city, so he is not surprised that everyone wants to visit the “European Jerusalem.”

Regional center of culture

- When visitors ask about the Siege of the 1990s, I explain that people here have always been “human” or “inhuman” and not labeled by religion or nation. Before the war, Sarajevo was a regional center of culture, we only called each other by nicknames, that is, until the evildoers used war to destroy the great bonds people had.

Almin says tourists should get to know the tradition and culture of BiH by visiting the National Museum and learn more about recent history at Gallery 11/07/95, which testifies to the tragedy of Srebrenica.

- Life in Sarajevo is full of simple pleasures. From coffee at Delikatesna Radnja and Revolution, to the jazz scene at Monument, the ambience of Mala Pivnica, good wine at Dekanter and dinner at Boccone, Luka Sarajevo, Bistro Duett, Hodžić Ćevabdžinica…, all of which complement the city’s trademark humor and enchanting spirit.

He would like for artists to have their own pavilion and place to work and he says the best spot would be the run-down power station in Marijin Dvor.

Critical society

- Artists feel the pulse of life and there are tons of them here. A vital artistic life is crucial for a critical society, as is having artists who travel, exchange experiences and represent fine work.

He adds that this is best seen in great projects like Ars Aevi, Sarajevska Zima, SFF and Jazz Fest, which started out as the initiative of one person and now draw tons of people, connect artists and promote a lovely image of the city.

Almin smiles and ends our chat by saying:

- Great potential for the creation of art lies in Sarajevo's diversity.