Dalal Midhat Talakić

Here even rain isn't just rain!

Dalal Midhat Talakić is a singer who has been on the BiH music scene for years now. Audiences first came to know of her as a member of the duo, Erato, and today she is building a successful solo career.


This Sarajevan girl with Sudanese roots reveals why she finds our city so unique.

Dalal starts by saying that, “Sarajevo is special because of its unusual intertwining of cultures, as well as for the people who are cordial and always willing to help and because those who visit Sarajevo feel at home”. She adds that our city offers a variety of things to do and, since everything is close, most things can be done without a car. 

Her favourit places

She makes special mention of how Sarajevo is surrounded by gorgeous Olympic Mountains which not only offer visitors a chance to enjoy skiing and other winter sports, but also excellent trails for mountaineering and stays in wonderful nature.

She says that, during her youth, she was most connected to the area around Druga Gymnasium, which she attended, as well as the part of town near the Music High School, where she also completed her studies.

She now lives in the neighborhood, Pejton, in Ilidža, where she enjoys the peace and greenery.

Whenever she wants to take a stroll through town, her favorite part is from Marijin Dvor to Baščaršija and she loves to walk around Trebević, where she used to go as a child. She is especially fond of walking in the forests and taking in the most beautiful view of town from Vidikovac.

Dalal drinks her daily coffee at Only One in Ilidža and at Torte i to, Element, Metropolis and Zlatna Ribica in the city center.

For evenings out she usually chooses the club, Obala, at the Academy of Performing Arts and she also loves to spend time at the wine bar, La Cava, in Baščaršija.

As for cultural activities, she usually attends the plays put on at Pozorište Mladih, regularly attends Jazz Fest and is keen to take in some jazz performances at Monument.

Her favorite Sarajevo restaurant is The Four Rooms of Mrs. Safija and she eats ćevapi at Željo.

What would Dalal recommend

She points out that BiH cuisine is excellent and she would be sure to recommend local specialties, including ćevapi, pita, baklava, tufahija and kadaif.

Dalal considers the Academy of Fine Arts building to be the prettiest building in Sarajevo and she would take a first-time visitor to see the sights on the City Bus.

She says that the best Sarajevo souvenirs are unique photographs, as well as sevdalinka CDs, džezve (coffee pots), pounded coffee, Turkish Delight and baklava.

In closing our conversation, we asked Dalal to describe Sarajevo in one sentence and she did so by reciting a verse from a poem by Izet Kiko Sarajlić:

- This is a city where I haven't always been happiest, but, when it rains here, it isn't just rain.