Adnan Smajić

Here I’m fascinated by so much dynamism in such a small space!

Adnan Smajić is a General Practicioner and the first certified tea sommelier in BiH. He is the owner of the tea shop, Franz and Sophie (Petrakijina 6), an exclusive shop for fine teas.


We chatted with Adnan in his lovely tea shop, against the backdrop of fine, aromatic teas and pleasant music. We discussed Sarajevo, as well as his wish to contribute something special to this city.

Born in Bijeljina, on the plains of Semberija, Adnan arrived in the Sarajevo valley in 2006 and opened Franz & Sophie in 2011.

- In Sarajevo, I am fascinated by so much dynamism in such a small space and by the fact that if you stand in front of Cathedral for five minutes, you come to realize that you know most of the people passing by. On one hand you can feel a bit pressed in by being in a valley but, on the other hand, it gives you the feeling of being close to people.


Adnan says that the city is recognizable for its creators, people from many walks of life who have made Sarajevo a metropolis through their deeds, spirit and tradition.

- I like restaurants that serve good local food – Dženita, Bey’s soup at Bailey’s, pače at Hadžibajrić Aščinica and I recommend the terrific cakes at Torte I to.

He is not fond of the crowds at some of the popular spots and he drops by Manhattan Cafe for a daily coffee or drink, finding it an ideal spot for making new acquaintances, meeting up and talking to friends.

- My job involves communicating with people. Guests from the nearby Music Academy visit every day and we share a love for classical music and even people who come to Sarajevo once a year, for the Sarajevo Film Festival, for example, are sure to stop by Franz & Sophie to buy some tea.

He says that those who visit in November should be sure to buy tickets for Jazz Fest, to visit the National Theater and Vijećnica for some good classical music concerts and to walk from Slatko Ćoše to Marijin Dvor to take in the Austro-Hungarian architecture.

Tip for nature lovers

His tip for nature lovers is to enjoy an autumn morning on Wilson’s Promenade, where he often goes for a walk with his wife and dog, and to definitely visit Bjelašnica and Jahorina.

As for the perfect Sarajevo souvenir, he offers the following:

- The ideal gift would be to take all of the humanity, intimacy, dynamism and energy – everything that is the spirit of Sarajevo – and put it into a bag of black tea. He then concludes our conversation by adding that Sarajevo is a city of contrasts!