Srđan Vuletić

“I love Sarajevo because of the positive people!”

Srđan Vuletić is a director and professor at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo and the author of acclaimed films such as Summer in the Golden Valley and It’s Hard to be Nice.


Even though he’s been preoccupied with his work on the play, If They Spoke Out Loud, Vuletić set aside some time to share his impressions of our city with Sarajevo Navigator readers.

While many cities are considered places where East and West meet, Srđan thinks that this contact is especially evident in Sarajevo.

As for the city’s recognizable characteristics, he would cite its irresistible charm and how communicative and easy going Sarajevans are. He adds that he really loves Sarajevo because of the positive people who surprise him with something new every day.

The part of town that has marked his life here is Čengić Vila, where he grew up. He now lives in Grbavica, which he says has retained a multicultural character and has a good “balance” between cement and greenery.

For Srđan, a perfect day in Sarajevo is a sunny, springy Sunday, or a holiday like May 1st, when the streets are half empty and free from nervous drivers.

His favorite walking tour around town takes him along Wilson’s Promenade and from Marijin Dvor to Baščaršija. He usually drinks his daily coffee at Delikatesna Radnja and during the summer he visits Meeting Point Cafe and Boris Smoje Gallery.

When it comes to evenings out, he prefers places that have good live music and, as far as cultural activities are concerned, he really enjoys rock concerts and going to the cinema or theater.

His favorite restaurants are Dr. Food, Luka and Boccone and he says Hodžić and Galatasaray are his favorite ćevabdžinicas.

Besides the must-try ćevapi, Srđan would also recommend that Sarajevo visitors try pita, dolma, roasted lamb, brizle and pače, and vegetarians should try spinach pie and zucchini pie. He also suggests that they go to some of Sarajevo’s markets, where they can try domestic cheeses and fresh vegetables.

Srđan thinks that the loveliest building in Sarajevo is the residential building on the corner of Titova and Alipašina, which is home to KK Bosna (basketball club) and was designed by the famous architect, Juraj Neidhardt.

When asked to pick the best vantage point in Sarajevo, he points to a spectacular view from Bijela Tabija, as well as the views from the top of Mt. Trebević or Mt. Bjelašnica.

Srđan would take a first-time visitor for a walk around town and then he would suggest that they explore whatever they find most interesting.

As for the perfect souvenir one could take from this city on the Miljacka, Srđan would suggest some items hand-made by local designers and artists.

In closing our conversation, Srđan was asked to describe Sarajevo in one sentence:

- What a city this would be if people just used their heads a bit more!