Mirjana Hrga

I never feel alone in Sarajevo!

Mirjana Hrga is a Croatian TV star who has been working “temporarily” in Sarajevo for five years now! She works as an editor at Al Jazeera Balkans, the regional outlet for the global TV news network, Al Jazeera.


Mirjana was more than happy to share her impressions of Sarajevo with Sarajevo Navigator readers. She says that she first heard about this city when she was in primary school and learning about the capitals of the republics that made up former Yugoslavia.

However, it was only in 1999 that she made her first visit to Sarajevo. She points out that, at that time, the city was still in a rather demolished state and it gave the image of a city that had suffered extensive damage. She returned to BiH’s capital city 11 years later, in 2010, which is when she came to truly know and love Sarajevo, thanks to her friends and fine hosts.

She says that she is in love with the smells and sounds of Sarajevo which show how the city lives to the fullest and what she really likes is that she never feels alone here.

She describes Sarajevans as people who are direct and almost always ready to communicate right from the very start, leaving one with an impression of warmth and approachability. As for faults, she says that they can be hypocritical and selfish.

What surprised her most when she came to our city were the customs related to Islam, which she didn’t know very much about at the time. However, she accepted them as a challenge and now she can proudly say that she has come to know a lot about the daily customs of local Muslims.

She says that it has been hardest to get used to the stray dogs, the lack of trash containers in the center of town and the water reductions that are made after midnight.

As for Sarajevo’s primary advantage, she feels that this city is the ideal size for a fantastic life. Everything is close and along the main walking zone and there are excursion sites and ski areas near town which, she says, is a luxury most Europeans couldn’t even begin to imagine.

- The quality food, which is almost organic, and the water are also great advantages, but one major disadvantage of living here is the air quality, says Mirjana.

Her daily Sarajevo ritual begins with Bosnian coffee in the morning, then she heads to work. She usually has dinner after work at the restaurant, Dr. Food, where she relaxes by reading the paper during her meal. When she has a free day, she likes to use it by taking a walk through Baščaršija, where she eats lunch at Dveri.

While she doesn’t go out that often in the evenings, she does find Sarajevo night life impressive and says that this is a balanced city, where everyone can have a night out that is just right for their tastes.

She would recommend a first-time visitor to be sure to get a good guide so as to fully experience this city on the Miljacka.

It bothers her when people make reference to Sarajevo simply through the prism of ćevapi and pita because the city has a lot more to offer.

- Sarajevo has many wonderful places. Here there are monuments for three religions, an intermingling of cultures, the meeting of East and West, interesting architecture…, as Mirjana lists things, she also recommends that visitors take in the main post office on Obala and explore Sarajevo’s shops and cafes, where they are sure to find the heart of Sarajevo.

She adds that Sarajevo offers some excellent food, so it’s very easy to find a good restaurant and she would recommend Dr. Food, Dveri and Boccone. She also says that wine lovers should visit Dekanter Vinoteka.