Kenan Magoda

In Sarajevo you arrive as a guest, but feel right at home

Sarajevo is a special city with rich history leaving its traces not only in its architecture and layout, but also in the way of living and in that special city spirit. Sarajevo is one of rare places where East meets West. It is marked by this diversity and it combines many historical influences into a very exciting mixture.


It is marked by this diversity and it combines many historical influences into a very exciting mixture. Also, Sarajevo is a modern city offering visitors all the benefits modern tourists expect, along with traditional hospitality. It is a feast for the eyes and the soul – describes Sarajevo Mr. Kenan Magoda, head of the Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board.

When asked what are the must-sees or must-dos for someone planning to visit Sarajevo, he answered:

- The old city core, Baščaršija, is visited by many tourists passing through Sarajevo. There is also Sebilj, Vijećnica and of course ćevapi. Near the marker Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures, there is Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque, Old Orthodox Church and Congregational Church, Cathedral, Old and New Jewish temple. Of course, there are also Sarajevo’s museums as main spots to learn history of this city.

His favorite part of Sarajevo is Marijin Dvor, recognizable for its Austro-Hungarian buildings.

- This is where I was born and all my ties to Sarajevo are somehow interconnected with this part of the city.

He pointed out that Sarajevo is a place where true values such as equality are still nurtured, a place of wonderful people and an ideal spot for families.

- I cannot imagine living anywhere else in the world and I think that Sarajevans are not aware what this city means to its visitors as they get so enchanted and keep coming back to it.

He thinks that the biggest impression to Sarajevo’s visitors comes from its architecture, being a combination of the East and the energy of Europe, while its biggest value are its people, as good hosts and its best promoters.


This year, the Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board supported organizers of many events and ensured excellent summer schedule for citizens and visitors of Sarajevo.

- Our calendar of events – Sarajevo Summer Fest 2022 includes numerous festivals - Sarajevo Film Festival, Live Stage Festival, Summer festival - Trebević, Javorwood festival, Festival of folklore..., art programs, concerts of local and international musicians, many sports events...

When asked which souvenir he would recommend, he said:

- I would recommend any item that would truly remind them of Sarajevo. First of all, some of the products of our coppersmiths, plus many other items - paintings, books, clothing and, surely, a suitcase full of memories.

When asked to describe Sarajevo in a single sentence, Kenan Magoda said:

- Sarajevo is one of rare cities where you arrive as a guest, but feel right at home.