Lejla Hodžić

It is Never Boring in Sarajevo!

Lejla Hodžić was the costume designer for Jasmila Žbanić’s films Grbavica, Na putu and Participation; she designs clothes for the clothing line, Studio Mrak; is a member of Modiko, an association of fashion and costume designers; and works as a curator of contemporary art.


She says that she is most attached to the area of town between the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Performing Arts which is, for her, the true center of Sarajevo.

As a former student of architecture (which she had to stop studying because of the war), Lejla says that Sarajevo is interesting because one can see the development of a city.

- One beautiful but, unfortunately, neglected building is the Museum of the Revolution, which is now the Historical Museum of BiH. And Ali-pasha’s Mosque, which was even mentioned by Le Corbusier as an example of perfect proportion, is exceptionally beautiful.

Her favorite view of Sarajevo is the one from the apartments located above the center of the city, and also from the restaurant Kod Bibana. She has her coffee in Delikatesna radnja, where she goes most often to seek peace. In the evening she visits Nostalgija or Babilon and she recommends that lovers of good food should visit Delikatesna radnja, Noovi, Tavola, Vegehana and Trattoria Uno. She usually goes to eat ćevapi with guests, and that would be at ćevabdžinica Željo.

Sarajevo Film Festival and MESS are festivals that Lejla never misses. She likes to visit Jazz Fest concerts, as well as exhibits during the Sarajevo Winter Festival. She also likes the recently-opened Kriterion Art Cinema because of its non-commercial film repertoire.

Her advice for a day in Sarajevo includes a unique tour for the gourmand: to go for ćevapi; and for pita (thin puffed pastry with fillings) to go to Bosna, one of the few buregdžinicas in Sarajevo to feature a mural dating from the 1984 Olympics; to eat dolma (vegetables stuffed with meat and rice) somewhere, but to also sample a classical Italian menu (for example, at Tavola).

A stroll through Baščaršija is mandatory, as well as a visit to several buildings which are part of the Museum of Sarajevo – Svrzo House, Despić House, Brusa Bezistan...

- The only possible way to get to know Sarajevo is to familiarize yourself with its contrasts and differences. That way, this town will never be boring!