Krste Velkoski

It's not for nothing that they say Sarajevo has a soul!

Krste Velkoski, member of the Macedonia Football Team and a FK Sarajevo player, says he fell in love with Sarajevo at first sight while playing here in 2003 with the Macedonia Youth Team.


In 2014 he came to play for FK Sarajevo, and won the championship title and the BiH Cup within the next two years. After that he went to South Korea and then Thailand and returned to the “Maroon club” in 2017.

- While I was in Korea I kept thinking of Sarajevo. I would get up at 3:00 a.m. to watch FK Sarajevo games. I have met wonderful people here and have made friends for life who have shown me all of the important things in a city where I have spent some great years.

"I would love to stay here"

When he first came, he and his girlfriend lived near Vijećnica.

- Our son was born here, our little Sarajevan. I would love to find an apartment close to Baščaršija, whose beauty fascinates me. It is not for nothing that they say Sarajevo has a soul. Just recently I was telling my wife that I would love to stay here after I finish my career.

He says that Sarajevo has very few parks and places where kids can play. He satisfies his own need for sports at FK Sarajevo’s camp in Butmir, which has excellent facilities and where he spends most of his time.

- Bjelašnica is a great mountain and we enjoyed ourselves while training at Vučko on Jahorina, but footballers are forbidden to ski, paraglide or do other risky activities, so we are denied such experiences.

Krste loves to walk along Wilson’s Promenade, through Baščaršija and on Ferhadija, and to stop off for Egipat’s famous ice cream or coffee at Dibek.

- I like Metropolis and Vatra and in the evening I go to Guinness Pub or to an event at My Face. Of course, I only go out when the team wins; otherwise, it would not be right to go out and have a good time.

Culture and festivals

- I liked being part of Ja Sam Muzej, a grassroots action that rallied in support of reopening the National Museum of BiH, the largest museum of its kind in the country. Sarajevo is abuzz with culture and festivals, but I do not manage to take in everything because of work!

Krste says that regional foods have their own nuances, so he did not need to get used to Bosnian cuisine. For him, the best local specialties are ćevapi from Petica - Ferhatović, but with his strict diet he cannot enjoy them very often.

- I like places that offer a view of the city, Zmajevac overlook, the famous lamb at Kod Minje; the restaurants, Plava Prizma and Park Prinčeva, and Sunnyland on Trebević.

Krste likes taking interesting trips to Umoljani and Mostar and he tells everyone to buy a fridge magnet in Sarajevo, and a coffee set (which he uses himself) from the coppersmith masters on Kazandžiluk St.

- Nowhere else in the world is there architecture like in Sarajevo, and all who visit are eager to return.